About Ix Style

Thank you for taking a moment of your busy life to find us + support our mission!  

That's me, Francesca Kennedy,the founder of Ix Style, dancing with some of the Ix Style Mayan artisans in Guatemala where my family is originally from!  

Ix = Mayan word for water.

Water fuels everything that we do! 


We Were Inspired By A Natural Disaster

When I returned to visit my grandparents at Lake Atitlan in 2010, the lake had become completely overrun with blue green algae.

The water looked like sewage. 

NASA called (clink on link to see the photos from space) it one of the worst natural disasters of our lifetime as you could see the pollution from space.

I will never forget the image of young girls collecting the contaminated water to drink, to cook, to clean.

 We Do It Because It’s In Our Blood

Did you know that your blood is 92% water? 

Many have called Lake Atitlan the 8th wonder of the world.

Aldous Huxley (author of Brave New World), Antoine de Saint-Exupery(author of Little Prince), actress Ingrid Bergman & poet Pablo Neruda all lived and created works of art at the lake.

For my family, the lake holds special significance.

It is where I was baptized and where my grandfather Colonel Arthur Kennedy II lived for many years.

It’s where my family celebrated and continues to celebrate countless birthdays and holidays.

It’s where most of our happiest memories are made!

We Provide For The Next Generation

Until that point, I had always taken clean drinking water for granted.

It was then that I learned that diseases from unsafe water kill more people each year than any form of violence, including war.

That 2 out of 3 children in Guatemala will go to bed hungry each night.

That many Guatemalan children are unable to attend school because they must walk miles each day in order to collect drinking water for their families. 

It had been my dream since childhood to do something to give back to Guatemala.

I knew that I had to do something to help!

We Make Things  

Shoes, mostly. Change, definitely.

Photo of my mama shopping at the lake in the 70's!

All of our bags, jewelry, and huarache sandals are handmade by more than

1,000+ female artisans from communities across Guatemala.

Each product is carefully crafted to capture the beauty, tradition & magic of the Lake Atitlan region.

When you step into a pair of our huarache sandals,

you are stepping into so much more than a shoe.

You are stepping into a future of hope, love, and prosperity for Guatemala!

We Give Back 

We donate 15% of our profits from every purchase to Ecofiltro

Ecofiltro's goal is to provide 1 million rural Guatemalans with clean water by 2020.

We are working to support this goal.  

Ecofiltro helps Guatemala stay healthy and move forward!


We Empower Women

Our mission is to empower women Mayan artisans through education, commerce, and production.

We choose to invest in women, because we know that investing in women is the most effective way to invest in a community.

Women invest 90% of earned income into their communities vs. 30% for men.

These women spend their money on nutrition, medicine, and housing – using the knowledge and money they have earned to give their children a better life. 

With safe and convenient access to water, children no longer have to walk hours each day to retrieve water for their families, and can return to school instead.

Education and commerce are the most effective ways to break the cycle of poverty.

By investing in women, we hope to invest in a new generation and a bright future for Guatemala.

We Have Green Thumbs 

We also donate to AIR Guatemala (CNN Hero) to plant trees in Guatemala for each purchase.

Since 1993, AIR has planted nearly 4 million trees in deforested areas of Guatemala to improve soil quality, prevent soil erosion & mudslides.

This saves countless lives.

We hope to offset our carbon footprint & leave the world a little better than the way we found it.

We Dream Big

Countless women have been empowered, a tree nursery has been built in Guatemala in Ix Style's name & we'll continue to grow our efforts year after year. 

Thanks to water’s amazing capacity to cleanse itself, the lake has been restored to its former beauty. 

But there are thousands in Guatemala who still don't have access to clean water. Guatemala has the #1 malnutrition rate in the Americas and #4 in the world.

We are not even close to being finished. 

We are constantly seeking new opportunities to grow, to take our water mission to the next level, and to continue empowering people around the world.

We truly believe that the grass is greener where you water it.


Water has the potential to transform communities and shape lives, there’s a reason some refer to it as “liquid gold”.

We’re going to continue sprinkling a little magic wherever we go, and we hope that you do the same.

Did you know that Guatemalans have been voted the nicest people in the world?

It's my personal mission to keep it that way! 

We hope you liked learning more about Ix Style! 

Please back soon + tell your friends + family!