Speaking Engagements


Francesca Kennedy awakens people to a redefined sense of purpose and inspiring transformative leadership along the way with captivating storytelling. 

Francesca shares her "aha moment", how she tapped into her passion, landed clients like Richard Branson and Gwyneth Paltrow, won Project Runway and persisted when things became difficult.

Stories move people; not only to feel an emotion but to take action. When you use a well-crafted story in your presentations, you sell more effectively and authentically, get more commitment, cultivate greater camaraderie, inspire deeply and have more fun. Francesca's presentations inspire audiences on how to use their stories and their "why" into everything they do. 


No stranger to pushing boundaries to see bold results, this world changer is brought in by the likes of corporations, universities and conferences to redefine purpose, inspire shifts in mindset and activate audiences to go out and start creating lives of social impact. Francesca has also given a TED talk called "Finding Hope in Murky Water".




  • Social Impact & Social Entrepreneurship
  • Following Your Passion, Finding Your Why
  • Women in Business
  • How to Make the Impossible Possible | Pitching Clients + Vendors +Investors | Landing Richard Branson and Gwyneth Paltrow as Clients
  • Building Mental Muscles to Deal with Failure and Rejection
  • Corporate Culture: Why Your Employees Dreams Matter
  • How to Start a Business with Minimal Resources | Bootstrapping 
  • Raising Capital


For companies ready to empower their people beyond the bottom line and meeting planners searching for new ways to inspire, educate and entertain audiences Francesca Kennedy is the solution. Email fkennedy@ix-style.com to receive more information about booking Francesca Kennedy.